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What does success look like for your business?

Can you picture it clearly, or do you need a fresh perspective? I want to help you grow your business in ways you never imagined. My visual modeling approach will open your eyes to new opportunities, optimize your efficiency, and bring success into even sharper focus. There are no gimmicks here. I don’t want your money. I just have an idea that I think can help a lot of folks, small businesses owners in particular, achieve the greatest profit in the least amount of time with the least amount effort. It seemed unfair to keep this kind of knowledge to myself, so I’m sharing it! Interested? Learn how it works.

Editorial note: Throughout this site, I use the words “Metrics” and “Results” interchangeably. I have replaced both of these words with the word “Processes”, but I have not yet updated the website to reflect this substitution. I’ll revise the diagrams, videos, and text on the website in 2018. Also, if you want to see the actual implementation of this concept, please click here: www.bisualizer.com.

And this is my story.

Back in the heady days of the Silicon Valley Gold Rush — circa 2000 A.D. — I had an unshakeable vision of success: I would invent the Next Wave of business software, be hailed as a tech pioneer, and lead the industry into the next millennium.

Two years and two jobs later, I was sitting in a coffee shop in San Francisco nursing my latte and broken dreams. I’d socked away enough money for a fresh start, but having seen how quickly bubbles can burst, I was determined to invest it as far from the tech world as possible.

That was when I glimpsed a window to my future — and it hit me like a garbage truck.

No, really. Outside the café window a trash truck was stopped in traffic. On its side was written “1-800-GOT-JUNK?” Its bed was piled high with what looked like crap, but I smelled opportunity. I would buy a junk hauling franchise. You couldn’t get any farther from tech than that.

It had everything I was looking for: It was a service business, so I could go to customers instead of waiting for them; it had potential for cross-selling, which equaled built-in expansion; and it was production-driven, meaning I could apply my expertise in efficiency.

It also involved trucks, and I really like trucks.

But most importantly, a 1-800-GOT-JUNK? franchise was the perfect proving ground for a visualization method I’d been developing since I was a kid.

A little confession here: I love to figure out how things work and I have an unusual talent for visual thinking. The best way for me to understand a complicated problem or complex system has always been to imagine it.

When I imagine business, it’s as an energy and information system, an engine of commerce, gears and cogs humming in tune. Visualizing business in this way, I’m able to analyze not just the parts, but also the whole. I can see exactly where there are problems and work to fix them. The end result is greater efficiency and increased profit.

I was so sure that my visualization method would help me succeed in the junk-hauling business that when I met with the president of 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, I bet him I would beat his top-grossing territory in the country within my first year. Incredibly, I did. My franchise grew twice as fast as any in company history.

My cognitive quirk helped me turn garbage into gold. It can help you, too. All you need to do is to look at your business in a new way. I’m going to show you how.

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