When all of the material on this website existed only in my imagination, it didn’t really do anyone—except for me—much good. That’s why I was determined to find a way to explain it with words and images.

If you’ve followed along through Units 1 to 6, hopefully, you’ve been able to produce some concrete visual models to help you see and understand your business better.

But I do recognize that creating dynamic scale models of a dynamic business—especially the larger the business gets and the longer it stays running—can be daunting and potentially time consuming. What would make it a whole lot easier, of course, is software.

In my ideal world, I envision a software solution that would do everything I’ve described in this website for you in real time. This software would not only allow business owners and operators to organize and optimize the Production Process in their businesses, but could also be integrated into a larger framework for managing the entire business system.

If you are interested in discussing software solutions and how you might get involved in their development, please contact me. Let’s make it happen!

Note: I finished it!