Business Thermodynamics

I created this website in 2014 to explain my approach to business visualization. I’ve been keeping it to myself because I wanted to use it to launch a global eco-project when I was ready. I’ll be ready in May, 2023. This website is part of the launch sequence.

Business systems follow the laws of #thermodynamics.

There are three types of money: Potential, Real, and Theoretical. Potential money is found at stages in the sales funnel. Real money is found on the income statement. Theoretical money is based on a budget. All three types of money can be visualized in a color-coded scale model. The model shows the value of the money, the position of the money, the velocity (dollars per hour), and acceleration (dollars per hour^2) of the money as it moves through the sales funnel and onto the income statement. Money in motion has momentum. Momentum is conserved through the energy transfer.

Since money is energy, this dynamic model visualizes business thermodynamics.

This is a business system. Money is the energy source for the work. Calories power the effort.

This is thermodynamics. Calories are the energy source. These calories are converted into work. Work is time, effort, and risk. We trade this work for money. This is why money is energy.

This website is almost at the bottom of the Project Honeylight Attention Funnel.

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